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Lecture and discussion with political scientist Anja Schade

2024 marks the 30th anniversary of the end of apartheid in South Africa. A lecture with Anja Schade now offers new perspectives on the solidarity of the GDR's Protestant church communities with the ANC and other peace fighters.

Solidarity with the South African liberation movement African National Congress (ANC) played a major role in the GDR public sphere. What is less well known is that the Protestant church in the GDR was also strongly committed to the liberation movement - with collections, intercessions, information material and fundraising.

The Gossner Mission even awarded scholarships to two South Africans for a stay in GDR church congregations. Conversely, contact with the church was also important for South Africans who were in exile in the GDR, as they often had Christian roots themselves.

The lecture will shed light on this little-known aspect of the solidarity of the Protestant churches in the GDR with the ANC, address the associated potential for conflict within the congregations and with the West German EKD and highlight the perspective of a South African scholarship holder on his stay in the GDR.

The event is being organised in cooperation between the Berlin Institute for Comparative State-Church Research and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Berlin.
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Admission: 5 Euro