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Ein digitaler Tauchgang

The teenage Wiki sets out into the sea of the digital world, wanting to find her place, try out and do good. She meets Algorithma - the woman-turned-algorithm - and finds herself in endless feeds of likes and comments.

Wiki swims as an icon on the wave of a high reach and is abruptly sucked into a whirlpool of hate comments. What will remain of Wiki when social media flushes it out again?

What moves in this social media world and what about it is actually "social"?

In the stage play, two analog performers investigate digital processes with the help of a loop station and a ring light. They try out TikTok trends, examine commentary communication, change perspectives, slip into different roles, and let social media and its algorithms speak for themselves.

MARTHA KRÖGER (Scuola Teatro Dimitri) searches in her work for means of expression, movement languages and dance techniques that go beyond verbal and non-verbal communication - creatively finding intuitive points of contact.

CLAUDIA RIPPE moves between acting, directing and theater pedagogy. Developing plays for children and young people as well as mediation formats is a core part of her work. And the power of stories serves as the driving force.

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Additional information
Supported by a grant from the GVL as part of the Neustart Kultur initiative and by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR. Support Program Dance.
Participating artists
Martha Kröger (Konzept & Spiel)
Sandra Lichtenberg (Medienpädagogik)
Claudia Rippe (Konzept & Spiel)
Kai Schubert (Dramaturgie)
Selina Thüring (Choreografie)