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Between dream world and reality: In the musical highlight "Snow Queen" the audience becomes part of an exciting adventure with magical creatures and unlimited possibilities. Specially composed musical songs, lots of humor and a lot of heart ensure a unique live experience for the whole family!

The Theater Liberi is staging the well-known fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen as a modern musical adaptation. The professional musical ensemble tells the story of the loneliness of an outsider and her desire for admiration and acceptance, but also of courage and unconditional friendship. This contrast is also reflected in the stage design, which blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality. Musically, the audience is offered a rapid journey through various genres with large arrangements, rounded off by impressive choreographies and an extraordinary lighting design.

Gerda and Kay are best friends and have been inseparable since childhood. The two lead a completely normal life until one day a winter storm hits their town. That evening, for the first time, Gerda's mother tells the two of them the story of a magical queen, the ruler of snow and ice. When Kay disappears without a trace shortly afterwards, Gerda goes in search of him. She lands in a mysterious world where everything seems to be possible. Suddenly Gerda is in the middle of an adventure in which she meets funny characters, makes an eccentric acquaintance and gets caught in the clutches of a weird gang. Fortunately, she is not on her own and can count on unexpected help. But time is running out and Gerda has to muster all her courage to save Kay from the icy world of the Snow Queen.

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