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A solo piece with Dariusz Siastacz

The monodrama "Elephant" takes us back to 1938 and tells the story of a Berlin Jew who, due to his background, becomes a second-class citizen overnight. The political system finds justification for its destruction through the social stigmatization of the protagonist. Unfortunately, the questions raised in “Elephant” have not lost their topicality.

who is this hero He describes himself as an average German. He likes to go to the café. Watch the people. Listen to their stories. What destroyed this almost perfect order of things was the Weimar Republic. At first he didn't bother anyone. But the looks became more frequent, more stigmatizing. It got uglier. The zest for life diminished. The anger, the political comments, the guilt grew to such an extent that our hero grew a trunk and ears. It was no longer a welcome guest in his café. Even as a walker he could no longer be overlooked. This is how he felt among people and became the title hero of the story: the "Elephant".

The production will be shown as part of the project: HERBSTbrücke - new German-Polish solo pieces in Berlin.
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Participating artists
Dariusz Siastacz
Łukasz Staniszewski
Andreas Visser