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Support: The VirginMarys

The Sisters of Mercy have been active for over 40 years and have not released any music for more than 30 years. To this day, the band around mastermind Andrew Eldritch is the benchmark when it comes to gothic rock.

One part punk, one part psychedelic, one part industrial, one part David Bowie and a few spicy additions from other genres were necessary to create a completely new style in the early 80s. Together with bands like Bauhaus, Joy Division, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry or The Cure, the Gnadenschwestern formed a stable foundation on which generations of musicians could build.

This time VirginMarys will join the tour as special guests. The duo from Macclesfield convinces with raw power, huge riffs and breaking musicality. Drummer Danny Dolan and guitarist/vocalist Ally Dickaty, after three successful albums and the departure of bassist Matt Rose, have decided to take on the next phase of the band as a power duo and this tour is the first opportunity to see them in this format.

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