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At a time when women's rights and freedom of expression are once again being discussed, the wind from the right is blowing more sharply around the world and a very conservative image of women is also being propagated anew in Western cultures, the motto is: humor is the pure form of resistance!

KEY VISUAL Sisters of Comedy
KEY VISUAL Sisters of Comedy © Sisters of Comedy

"Sisters of Comedy - Nachgelacht" is far from jokes about frustration shopping and connective tissue - no women's quota gala, no men's scolding, simply a grandiose, brilliant show, with everything that Germany's seething female comedian scene has to offer. For him & her and everything in between. After all, humor is for everyone!

With the purchase of a ticket, you are not only guaranteed an unforgettably funny evening, in which artists of the entire humor bandwidth rock the stages to set an example against sexism and violence against women, no: You also support your local cabaret dealer, the artists and women in need. Because a large part of the proceeds will go, as always, to women's aid projects, to women who (not only since the pandemic) have been hit particularly hard.

All we still need are full houses. So don't hesitate, do good and treat yourself to culture, which the world definitely needs!
The show will take place on many different stages, nationwide, in Austria and Switzerland, on the same day, at the same time. Currently, 16 venues with 71 female artists are preparing for this year's shows and are looking forward to your support!

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