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Lim / Chase // Ting // Oliveros / PHØNIX16

Concert at silent green with Lim / Chase // Ting // Oliveros / PHØNIX16 as part of the festival MaerzMusik.

Detail aus Sex Magic
Detail aus Sex Magic © Liza Lim

Liza Lim (*1966)

Sex Magic (2019/2020)

With Claire Chase

Senem Pirler electronics

Liza Lim’s “Sex Magic” is a ritual for ocarina, contrabass flute, electronics, and percussion. For the composer, it is about “the sacred erotic in women’s history” and “an alternative cultural logic of women’s power as connected to the cycles of the womb – the life-making powers of childbirth, the ‘skin-changing’, world-synchronising temporalities of the body and the womb centre as a site of divinatory wisdom”. The piece refers to several mystic and mythological figures – it ends with tenderness. The score cites the poem “Ulysses” by Alfred Tennyson: “The long day wanes / the slow moon climbs / Come, my friends / Tis not too late to seek a newer world.”

Rampe, Performance

Liping Ting (2023)

Echoing Contemporary

“A live moment with almost nothing but infinite everything ...

A breathing labyrinth freely in and out of all mirage and disillusion.

A drifting embryo, a long now on the time issues, breeds by sights, touching, listening and feeling.

A corridor of void where echoing a polyphonia of contemporary mind and soul.

A rite where innumerous feathers blowing in the wind, relentlessly, silently ...

A rite of moving paper where chanting inaudible song, blessing infinitely white ocean.

A rite where as beast as human endless natural hair raising up toward the dancing stars, raising up toward the universe.” – Liping Ting

Betonhalle, Performance

Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016)

Sonic Meditations (1971) as part of Grenzraum HÖREN 8

With PHØNIX16, Timo Kreuser

“With continuous work some of the following becomes possible with Sonic Meditations: Heightened states of awareness or expanded consciousness, changes in physiology and psychology from known and unknown tensions to relaxations which gradually become permanent. These changes may represent a tuning of mind and body. The group may develop positive energy which can influence others who are less experienced. Members of the group may achieve greater awareness and sensitivity to each other. Music is a welcome by-product of this activity.” – Pauline Oliveros

Funded by the Capital Cultural Funds

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