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Chase // Ting // Ryterski / Wnuk // Frenkel / Nono / Biró / Kyriakides / Lucier / Czernowin / Shaw

Concert at silent green with Chase // Ting // Ryterski / Wnuk // Frenkel / Nono / Biró / Kyriakides / Lucier / Czernowin / Shaw.

Szene aus Haphephobia
Szene aus Haphephobia © Grzegorz Mart

Kuppelhalle, Concert

Claire Chase (*1978)

Various works for solo flute from Density 2036 (2013-ongoing)

The flute is the oldest of all instruments, its history going back forty thousand years. Prehistoric humans built flutes and whistles from animal bones. We cannot know how this music sounded or what its purpose was. Only that it had apparently made quite an impression. Claire Chase wants to tap its primal power. Since 2013, she commissions a new work for solo flute every year in her project “Density 2036”.

Rampe, Performance

Liping Ting

Echoing Contemporary (2023)

“A live moment with almost nothing but infinite everything ...

A breathing labyrinth freely in and out of all mirage and disillusion.

A drifting embryo, a long now on the time issues, breeds by sights, touching, listening and feeling.

A corridor of void where echoing a polyphonia of contemporary mind and soul.

A rite where innumerous feathers blowing in the wind, relentlessly, silently ...

A rite of moving paper where chanting inaudible song, blessing infinitely white ocean.

A rite where as beast as human endless natural hair raising up toward the dancing stars, raising up toward the universe.” – Liping Ting

Betonhalle, Performance

Rafał Ryterski (*1992)

Haphephobia (2021)

With Aleksander Wnuk

“Haphephobia” is an exploration of touch, more precisely, the fear of being touched and the fear of touching others. Touch becomes an elemental composition source in this work. All surfaces – plexiglass walls, metal sheets, wooden floor, and the leather-like snare drum – activate a sound by touching, rubbing, sliding, and performing. The performer Aleksander Wnuk is enclosed in a cage, without a possibility to touch another entity except for that cage and what’s inside. All the cage walls are amplified, and the sound is heavily processed. Due to the transparency of the plexiglass walls, the audience can see, can listen but cannot come close. The audience is safe from the performer, but at the same time, the performer is safe from the audience.

Kuppelhalle, Concert

Noa Frenkel

Longing, Belonging


Noa Frenkel contralto

Sebastian Schottke electronics

In “Longing, Belonging” Noa Frenkel and Sebastian Schottke look at two great forces in our lives – our desire to belong and our ever-present longing. The programme is a journey through sound, exploring the creative tension between longing and belonging as equally present, complimentary, and essential forces through various compositions.

With compositions by:

Luigi Nono (1924-1990): Ogni giorno sopra il borgo (aus: Al gran sole carico d’amore (1975))

Dániel Péter Biró (*1969): Hadavar (The Word) (2011)

Yannis Kyriakides (*1969): Fire of Myself

Alvin Lucier (1931-2021): Double Rainbow (2016)

Chaya Czernowin (*1957): Shu Hai Mitamen Behatalat Kidon (1997)

Caroline Shaw (*1982): Dolce Cantavi (2015)


With friendly support of the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

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