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The Christmas Show for the Whole Family

Once again, Siegfried & Joy make the Heimathafen Neukölln shine with their unique Christmas show! When they pull up in their magic sleigh in the former Rixdorf for this, they have not only loaded up brand new tricks, magical classics and a gigantic portion of festive glamour - fantastic guests are also in on the act! Whether intoxicating words, rapturous sounds, visual strokes of genius or acrobatic poetry: Siegfried & Joy with their guests ensure that this evening will be a Neukölln Christmas fairytale in a class of its own!

SIEGFRIED & JOY auf der Bühne
SIEGFRIED & JOY auf der Bühne © Anna Wyszomierska

But don't worry, it won't be too contemplative with Christmas tree balls, recorders or white tigers in moose costumes: With creative explosions in the service of magic and the undoing of all magic show clichés, the two gentlemen plus guests take the audience on a sparkling, exuberant Christmas journey.

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