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The Canadian band Shred Kelly moves perfectly between folk and indie. Tim Newton, Sage McBride, Ty West and Ryan Mildenberger grew up in the Canadian Rockies, but happily leave this majestic landscape behind to travel the music capitals of Canada, America and Europe.

Their simultaneously anthemic and melancholic songs like "Sing To The Night", "Going Sideways" or most recently "Days We Have Left" are made to beautify a foggy November evening.

The four's debut album "In The Hills" was released in 2012 and already had a small indie hit with "The Bear". Their second album "Sing To The Night" from 2016 also attracted attention outside of Canada, not least thanks to the title track. The spherical intro, the gradual integration of the acoustic guitar, the profound lyrics and the sudden increase in tempo after 90 seconds - if you stand still here, you won't feel anything anymore. After "Archipelago" (2018) and "Like A Rising Sun" (2020), the new album "Blurry Vision" is in the starting blocks, which will be released in Germany on October 20th and is of course a reason to finally experience Shred Kelly live again .

The singles released so far promise great things: "Days We Have Left" is a wistful and beautiful folk ballad, with Sage McBride taking the lead voice. "Cracks In The Finish" relies more on indie power and benefits from Tim Newton's charismatic voice. He shares the songwriting and vocal parts with Sage. "Nothing For A While", on the other hand, is a wonderfully melodic rollercoaster ride that you definitely want to experience live on stage, especially the banjo madness at the end.

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