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Soon it will be SHORT FILM DAY again! 21 December is not only the shortest day of the year, but also the day when short film shows its greatness again all over Germany. Under this year's motto "I see something you don't see...", all people are again invited to organise their own events with short films or attend short film events on 21 December. The 11th year promises to be diverse, creative, experimental, evocative, amusing and highly entertaining.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Kurzfilmtag 2022
AG Kurzfilm e.V.

"The 2022 thematic focus aims to excite audiences about new perspectives, to encourage them to take a fresh look at the familiar, to explore unfamiliar territory and to question their own way of looking at things. It's worth thinking outside the box!" explains Jana Cernik, managing director at the German Short Film Association (AG Kurzfilm), which coordinates the SHORT FILM DAY.

A repertoire of almost 20 programmes will once again make KURZFILMTAG 2022 a very special event: The nine films in the series "Views of the Familiar Foreign - Migrant Perspectives", for example, were selected by 13 women and men of different origins against the background of their own experiences in and with Germany, with clichés, stereotypes and prejudices. The DFFB's youth programme includes "Strong Girls. Strong voices. Strong women" who use their imagination, but also their strength, to give space to their dreams. In "Do You Have The Shine?" the distributor of the Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg delivers an eerie line-up with action, wit and plenty of suspense. Interfilm's focus programme, "Look at Someone!", tells of the limits of the recognisable, of volatile truths and of seemingly cemented assumptions. In addition, there will once again be the great variety of award-winning and nominated short films as well as festival highlights: including the Kurz.Film.Tour 2022, the 25th anniversary cinema tour of the German Short Film Award, the Golden Shorts 2022 with international highlights of the 38th interfilm Short Film Festival Berlin, the Best of German Youth Film Award 2022 and much more. An enchanting eye-catcher for the little ones are the animated programmes of Berlin's Luftkind Filmverleih, which is offering two film series for the first time this year as part of the KURZFILMTAG.
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