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The music of the British band The Sherlocks sounds young and exciting. Everything is there that you could wish for from young Brits with guitars: Megalomaniac-sounding guitars, a good feeling for snappy rhythms in interaction with great melodies and a frontman like Kiaran Crook, who, in addition to his voice, also has the charismatic "sneer". only the British can do it.

The four musicians from South Yorkshire were already celebrated for their debut album "Live For The Moment", which is mainly due to anthemic singles like "Chasing Shadows" and "Will You Be There". With brother Brandon Crook on drums, along with guitarist Alex Procter and bassist Trent Jackson, The Sherlocks proved on the follow-up Under Your Sky that the energy of their debut was not a one-off affair. Powerful ballads like "NYC (Sing It Loud)" suit them well.

Now their third album "World I Understand" is out, on which the band has upped the ante in terms of production and punch. As in “Falling”, where all arms are thrown up in the chorus at the latest. And that is also the case with their concerts.

Without much rest from the festival season, The Sherlocks will be performing in Berlin in September.

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