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Ulrike Brand, Ingo Reulecke & Sten Rudstrom

SHATTERPROOF addresses the social isolation caused by the current pandemic and our increasing reliance on digital media, which have created a comforting false reality by replacing the natural desire for human contact with a manipulated representation of what humans are . How do they connect when they're on shattered ground? Can they piece together their fragmented selves to find meaning?

SHATTERPROOF UNPLUGGED is based on the development work for "Shatterproof" (2022/23, video: Mark Coniglio) in which performative interaction and visual digital media were examined. The result of this intensive rehearsal work was a high sensitization of the dancer and the cellist with regard to their interactions, their perception and the perception of the space. How does self-perception change through the continuous presence and observation of digital media? How do people internalize this experience of virtual duplication in artistic work? What happens when the technological media are suddenly switched off and only real bodies and an acoustic resonance body are found on stage - UNPLUGGED?
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Cello, Performance: Ulrike Brand

Dance, Voice: Ingo Reulecke

Director: Sten Rudstrom