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Lecture evening and panel discussion

How do people remember Nazi injustice and forced labor? How do children and grandchildren approach their family history, which is interwoven with National Socialism? Patrick Figaj deals with the experiences of his Polish grandfather, who had to perform forced labor in Germany.

In his blog Tadschu, he encourages people to come to terms with their own family history. Ute Delimat's mother was deported from Poland as a child for forced labor; she remained in Germany after the war. She was accompanied in her search for traces by filmmaker Sofia Leikam. Stefan Weger's exhibition Luise. Archaeology of an Injustice, Stefan Weger confronts his great-grandmother's involvement in the arrest of a Polish forced laborer, which led to his murder.

Dr. Christine Glauning | Director Documentation Center Nazi Forced Labor.

  • Patrick Figaj | Journalist, Mannheim
  • Ute Delimat | Daughter of a former forced laborer
  • Sofia Leikam | Filmmaker, Göttingen
  • Stefan Weger | Photographer, Berlin

This will be followed by a panel discussion.

Sharon Adler | Journalist, Berlin

Accompanying event to the special exhibition Luise. Archaeology of an Injustice.

A guided tour will precede the event at 6 pm.

(Program in German)
Additional information
Meeting point: Barrack 5