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"It's Time To Say Goodbye" - the second edition of the farewell evening for Ronny Gabel!

The last fight of professional and legend Ronny Gabel. He will return to the Verti Music Hall in Berlin for the last boxing match of his career on January 13, 2024. The Berliner was originally scheduled to step into the ring for the last time in May 2023 after 17 years in the world of boxing. However, since the fight against Ilias Essaoudi ended prematurely without a clear winner, the title fight for the WBO Europe Title will now be held again.

Boxing fans can look forward to a captivating evening full of excellence and emotion as Ronny Gabel puts everything on the line once again in his final fight. But Essaoudi is also striving to win the title.

SES Boxing Gala - BOXING LIVE: Gabel vs. Essaoudi - THE REMATCH WBO Europe Title

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