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Book premiere with Bruno Preisendörfer

Embark on an adventure through Western intellectual history, from Socrates to Nietzsche.

Bruno Preisendörfer, "one of the most successful time travelers of recent years" (Joachim Scholl, Deutschlandfunk), sets out on completely new paths in his new book.

Sentences that change the world

Using sentences such as "Back to Nature," which is attributed to Rousseau but was never used by him, to Darwin's "Survival of the fittest," which has been misused for the most horrific crimes against humanity, Preisendörfer examines the life of its own that these sentences have taken on since they were put into the world. In the process, some quotations have become fat with meanings they did not originally have during their centuries-long wanderings through people's minds; others have emaciated to the point of meaninglessness. But all of them are so powerful that they changed the world.

Additional information
  • Reading in German Language
  • Moderation: Maike Albath
  • Tickets 8 / 5 EUR