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Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg 1992-1997

The Museum Pankow possesses a hitherto undiscovered photographic and local historical treasure: the "Seitenflügel" ("Side Wing"), published in poster form by the Prenzlauer Berg Cultural Office from 1992-1997. Each month, it combined a photographic motif on the front with event announcements on the back.

The Seitenflügel was not only a presentation platform for photography, but also a medium that connected the artistic production located here with the local cultural presentation. The 67 photographic motifs presented together for the first time are a unique cross-section of photographic work between the fall of the Wall and the turn of the millennium. Film interviews with selected photographers provide an insight into their work.

The exhibition narrative is expanded to include the visualization of places that were not only mentioned in the event section of the Seitenflügel, but also selected spaces of the independent scene, club culture and the queer community.

Many of these places, which have already disappeared today, shaped the cultural and social identity of the district.

A curated selection of contemporary flyers and accompanying exhibition texts by cultural journalist Claudia Wahjudi and club operator Pamela Schoboeß take exhibition visitors back to Prenzlauer Berg in the 1990s.
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