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Exhibitions in the Gallery and Cabinet

The new exhibition SEEING BODY features paintings by Walter Libuda, sculptures by Henry Stöcker and graphic art by Heidi Vogel.

The exhibition brings together for the first time the works of three artists who came to Berlin on different paths and with different intentions. They are generational companions. Drawings, sculptures as well as coloured and black-and-white works are on display.

A constellation that has not been seen before and that promises stimulation and dialogue between the positions.

In the gallery's cabinet, works by former academy members Hans Vent and Rolf Szymanski are presented. On the one hand, the exhibition is a reminder of these important artists; the presence of their works makes it clear how present their approach still is today.

Night of Dreams (Gallery):
  • Walter Libuda / Painting
  • Henry Stöcker / sculpture
  • Heidi Vogel / woodcut

Seeing Body (Cabinet):
  • Rolf Szymanski
  • Hans Vent

Exhibition period: 03.06. to 08.07.2023

Association Art and Literature Forum Amalienpark e.V.
Breite Str. 23, 13187 Berlin

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday, 14:00 - 19:00
Saturday, 12:00 - 17:00 hrs

Info: or 030 - 33 02 80 95
Additional information
Participating artists
Henry Stöcker
Walter Libuda
Heidi Vogel
Rolf Szymanski
Hans Vent