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Participatory, dialogical readings on the shores for the Schäfersee

The Schäfersee inspires to think about the relationship with nature and water, to care for its environment and to recognize its importance for the city. SEEGESÄNGE invites you to get closer to the lake through the medium of language and sound. Together, texts, poems and sound recordings related to this place will be developed to create a tribute to Schäfersee. The result will be a "soundscape," a format that allows the texts to be heard in combination with the sounds of the landscape.

KEY VISUAL DraussenStadt

Participation is open to all and requires no prior experience.

Workshop organisation:

Citizen Art Days e.V.: Oscar Ardila, Kerstin Polzin, Stefan Krüskemper, workshops, lectures, discussions and city explorations by and with artists for all interested. Creative work and exchange.

Amuleto Manuela: sound artist.

Seegesänge is one of the four pilot projects within "SCHLAMMIG, DRECKIG, NASS: Künstlerische und partizipative Interventionen um den Schäfersee in Berlin Reinickendorf". The four pilot projects include work in workshops with interested citizens as well as a supporting program with guided tours and discussions. The interventions have a participatory workshop character and are accompanied by the artists.
Kulturraum M5
Haus am See