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What if science was as exciting and funny, with as much stage energy and as much rumble as a poetry slam? What if a slam talk was as scientifically sound, as thoughtful and clever as a doctoral thesis? Let's find out. The first true fusion of poetry slam and science slam awaits you in the impressive Säälchen - in the middle of the alternative future of Holzmarkt25.

KEY VISUAL Science Poetry Slam
KEY VISUAL Science Poetry Slam © Kiezpoeten

This is where nerds meet ramp sows, and researchers get a stage full of action that will make their test tubes clink. The Berlin University Alliance will provide you with scientists from all over the city. The Berlin slam collective Kiezpoeten will ensure that you can expect a show that is just plain fun. And at the end, you will decide democratically via app: Who convinced you the most scientifically? And who delivered the best show - which is not necessarily the same thing!

And yet: Thanks to intensive stage workshops by the Kiezpoeten, the performers from research show that "popular science" does not have to be a contradiction!
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