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-PREMIERE- These original originals have created their "Glamourtainment". Benny Hiller's four-octave vocals and Monella Caspar's elfin babydoll voice move in dimensions that could not be more contrasting.

Songs between goosebumps and tingling hearts, pop and rock, chanson and cabaret leave no emotion untouched.

The whole thing is presented in changing haute couture designed by Monella Caspar and extravagant hat creations that are unparalleled in their exclusivity and uniqueness and give a touch of revue character.

Benny Hiller, the androgynous Latin lover at the black and white keys, delights with clear-as-a-bell soprano highs, breathy pop vocals and cheeky comedy interludes.
He is the composer and lyricist of the melodic, groovy and hit songs and skilfully and with great passion plays not only the piano but also lesser-known instruments such as didgeridoo, darbuka or space guitar.

Glamour pop entertainment made in Berlin!

Language: German

Ticket phone: 030 - 333 40 22