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The 25,000 m² building ensemble of the KulturBrauerei with its six courtyards, more than 20 buildings and its striking architecture is one of the few well-preserved industrial architectural monuments from Berlin at the end of the 19th century.

Starting out as a small brewery with a bar - where you could also "swallow" - this ensemble, which is still impressive today, was built in 1878 according to plans by the architect Franz Heinrich Schwechten. After the brewery operating under the name "Schultheiss" was discontinued in 1967, the site was listed as a historic monument in 1974, but extensive renovation work only began in 1998. The result is impressive and shows the harmonious combination of carefully restored clinker brick facades with contemporary and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

From the charm of this concept, an innovative mix of creative service providers, diverse cultural offerings and quality of life for residents and visitors emerged in a short time. In discotheques and at concerts you can "swim" again.

The original use of the individual buildings can still be seen today from the preserved original lettering on the facades - you can clearly understand the eventful history of the KulturBrauerei below using the most important historical milestones.

  • Meeting point: at the KulturBrauerei, Schönhauser Allee/corner of Sredzkistraße
  • City guide: KD Lorenz Ehmke
  • Suitable for people with walking difficulties
  • Cost: €12
  • Aimed at: Adults
  • Program in German
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