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A Sounding Tour of the "Musicians' Cemetery" Sophien II in Berlin-Mitte

A number of important personalities of the music world are buried in the cemetery of the Sophiengemeinde. The graves of the composers Walter Kollo and Albert Lortzing and the royal music director Adolf Zander can be found there, as well as those of the piano builder Carl Bechstein and the grave of the last Bach grandson Wilhelm Bach.

Eingang einer Kapelle
Eingang einer Kapelle © Juliane Bluhm

During the guided tour with Anette Detering, not only the history of the cemetery, which was heavily damaged by the construction of the Berlin Wall, and the gravesites are presented - old and newer melodies, sad and cheerful ones, such as Walter Kollo's famous song "Das ist der Frühling von Berlin" or the arias from "Zar und Zimmermann" by Albert Lortzing are heard. Old chorales or folk songs invite you to hum along together.

Meeting point: At the entrance to the cemetery.

Organizer: CROSS ROADS - Berlin with other eyes.

Admission: 12.- € - Reservation:

(Program in German)
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