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Which ecological, economic and socially sustainable positions can be found in the work of Karl Friedrich Schinkel using the example of the Bauakademie? How would Schinkel position itself today in the context of the climate and resource crisis in order to achieve a holistic building culture?

Questions about availability, durability and regionality occupied those involved in planning and building then as now.

In topics such as the circularity of building materials and constructions, we can now learn from earlier construction methods, as they were far ahead in some issues. Dipl.-Ing. Elise Pischetsrieder, architect BDA, weberbrunner architects Entry and participation free of charge No registration needed.

On the occasion of the documentary presentation “Fokus Schinkel. A look at life and work”, one-hour lectures on Schinkel’s work and work will take place in the Friedrichswerder Church every two months from January 18, 2024 as part of the “Schinkel Lectures”, every Thursday at 6:30 p.m.
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