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In Schall & Rauch, the artists compete under code names behind a shadow wall - name recognition and appearance take a back seat. Voting is done with separate scores for lyrics and performance. The organizer team Jesko Habert & Clara Schlempp invite every month varied music guests who enrich the evening with feature interlude.

KEY VISUAL Schall & Rauch Slam
KEY VISUAL Schall & Rauch Slam © Kiezpoeten

The city's most experimental slam unites newcomers and professionals - and only the text and performance penetrate the shadow wall hanging from the Fabriktheater stage. What's so experimental about it? Generally, slam poets* are allowed to use props behind the Schall & Rauch shadow wall - that alone invites unexpected artistic experiments.

And special editions are added at irregular intervals: Theme slams, liquor specials, gambling editions, or the infamous erotica edition have given Schall & Rauch a reputation for always serving up artistic novelties. Don't worry: The special editions are of course specially noted here!

(Program in German)
Fabriktheater Moabit