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It is certainly a childhood dream for many, the toys in the children's room suddenly come to life. Behind this colorful fantasy world lies an inspiring story. Will the puppet named Lyalka (Ukrainian for "doll") manage to break free from its strings?

Using the means of expression of acrobatics, dance and physical theatre, the show tells a story about visible and hidden talents, about how you can surpass yourself if you only believe in yourself.

This growth beyond their own borders also applied to the members of the ensemble, who had to leave their homeland of Kiev last year. Some found shelter and training opportunities in Berlin, others in Budapest. This production now brings together some of the most talented emerging artists from Ukraine. "Lyalka" is created in cooperation with the Academy of Circus and Performing Arts in Kiev. Directed by Gulnara Savenko, a teacher and choreographer who has directed charity shows in Budapest, Prague and Monte-Carlo. The performance promises to be an inspirational spectacle of acrobatics, dance and physical theatre.