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Make a wish! No matter what you need and what you want! This is the beginning and the magic of economy. But in the city there is a gaping wound (Scar). It does not heal. For centuries. Where there could be something, there is scarcity. Scarcity of what? For whom? Why does nothing grow here except loneliness and envy, violence and capitalist spectacle? Or is something growing here? Something that has no price and is therefore difficult to evaluate.

akademie der autodidakten
akademie der autodidakten © Ballhaus Naunynstraße / Foto: Zé de Paiva

In the project Scar-City, the participants of the academy of autodidacts, under the guidance of the multidisciplinary performance artist Ariel William Orah, deal with questions around the themes of wealth, empathy, healing, self-empowerment. Because scarcity is a practice of domination.

We have been told there is no limit to consumption. Yet there is little distinction between need and want. But we feel it, we know it: resources are scarce. Prioritizing white needs is racism. Living together according to economic criteria creates a lack of empathy. Social injustice produces wounds. Scar City. How do we deal with the wound, how do we care for it? Starting from these questions, the participants of the akademie der autodidakten came together. With the means of performance, video and sound, an artistic, performative narrative was developed. The result is a story of one's own and collective fullness.

  • Direction: Ariel William Orah
  • Co-director: Julien Enzanza
  • video: Asarela Orchidia Dew
  • Lighting: Aslı Atasoy Öner
  • Stage: Valdelicer Silva-Löbling
  • Costume design: Jaqueline Lisboa Silva
With: Amel Baccouche, Adalet Müzeyyen, Dinaly Huhn, Esra H. Khairi, Kat Abram, Sultan Omar, Vivian Ngozika Aghamelu

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Ballhaus Naunynstraße
Ballhaus Naunynstraße
Ballhaus Naunynstraße