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Literatur LIVE

Sascha Lange presents the new, big, comprehensive book Depeche Mode LIVE. A time travel full of stories from more than 40 years of band history, with many pictures. 

For decades, Depeche Mode have been thrilling their fans all over the world. From the first gigs in smoky pubs in front of a dozen spectators to sold-out world tours with spectacular shows in front of millions of fans - the history and success of the band lives from the incomparable live performances. But how did small club concerts turn into an unprecedentedly successful live act that thrills generations of fans?

After the bestseller Depeche Mode MONUMENT, which is now available in seven languages and is considered the "Depeche Mode Bible," and Behind The Wall - Depeche Mode Fan Culture in the GDR, now follows Part 3 of the book trilogy about the world's most successful synth pop band.

Music collector and graphic designer Dennis Burmeister and historian and book author Sascha Lange have once again unearthed a wealth of previously unpublished photos and unseen material about Depeche Mode on tour, as well as conducting interesting interviews with companions of the band.

The result is a visually stunning book that shows the growth of the band from tour to tour from 1980 to 2023, which despite all the strokes of fate to this day carries away millions of people around the world at their concerts.

"Depeche Mode LIVE" will be published by Aufbau Verlag in the fall of 2023.

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with Ullstein Verlag and Thalia Buchhandlung.

(Program in German)
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