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Rock'n’Roll, Chanson Realiste, Punkrock & Kaberett

She is a chanteuse and performer in equal measure, and on stage she reminds us not a little of Nina Hagen, both in her presence and with her extraordinary vocal abilities.

SARAH OLIVIER - Rock'n’Roll, Chanson Realiste, Punkrock & Kaberett
SARAH OLIVIER - Rock'n’Roll, Chanson Realiste, Punkrock & Kaberett © Patchanka Booking Agency

She began her career with lyrical singing, which she studied, but she increasingly expanded her repertoire and became more rock over the years. In the meantime, Rock'nRoll and Chanson Réaliste meet punk rock, blues, avant-garde, cabaret and opera and all this is dressed in an extremely pulsating garb by her excellent band.

Her compositions, which she sometimes performs in French, sometimes in English, are given extravagant-subtle, wicked to highly explosive moods together with her fellow musicians. Inspired by scenes of the night, Sarah expressively lives out her characters on stage, provoking, communicating or holding back, all at the highest artistic level. You can always feel the passion, her plump femininity and rage.

The latest work "Suck my toe" is also despite Corona to be released in France in spring 2020. She will have the album on tour with her band in Germany in her luggage and present it on stage. She will be accompanied by her longtime duo partner Stephen Harrison on double bass or electric bass, Raphael Dumas on guitar and Paul Jothy on drums.

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