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It is what it is, says love. And a lot more! The universe is infinite, so are the facets of relationships of any kind and improvisational theater has no limits! Perfect combo!

What is the relationship like with parents, friends, children, lovers, pets or neighbors – yesterday, today, the day after tomorrow? How do you feel about your bike, your couch, your favorite sweater... Sloths, amoebas and trees also have social behavior... And why stay so earthly?! Never been in contact with your guardian angel or heard a few deities arguing?

It will be hard & warm, free & questionable, moving & invigorating - in any case, velvet & special!

The improvisational theater “including and special” (formerly frei.wild Berlin) makes it possible! Bring your closest relationships with you - even if it's just in your handbag. We look forward to seeing you, all & all, improvised, pointed and inspiring!

(Program in German)

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