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Renowned Japanese sake brewers, AMABUKI from Saga, HATSUMAGO from Yamagata and SHICHIKEN from Yamanashi will gather in Berlin to present you their exquisite creations. Leading sake and shochu importers in Germany (GINZA BERLIN, SAKE KONTOR and UENO GOURMET) represent over 20 sake and shochu producers.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Japanese 'sake' at Germany's largest sake festival!

Discover over 50 premium quality sake varieties and taste Yuzu liqueur and Umeshu. Engage in conversations with Japanese sake brewers and representatives to deepen your knowledge and learn about the history of sake varieties. As a special highlight, all attendees will receive a small Kikichoko cup upon entry, which you can use to freely taste sake at various booths.

  • Location: Manifesto Market, 1st floor, KABUKI restaurant
  • The entrance fee is 30€ and includes the Kikichoko cup
  • Early Birds Ticket - 25€ until 27.09.2023

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