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Multi Vision Show

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes on earth. For centuries, Italy addicts have been drawn to this dream landscape in the heart of Italy - gently undulating, hilly landscapes, dead straight cypress avenues, silvery olive groves and bright green vineyards.

In the north are alpine-looking mountains where marble has been quarried since ancient times. The mountain range extends to the coast of the Mediterranean, where sandy beaches, picturesque rocky bays, colorful fishing villages and the lively beach promenades of famous seaside resorts lure - and of course the bathing island of Elba.

In the south lies the Maremma with deserted swamps and lonely mountain villages where time seems to have stood still.

Embedded in these landscapes are cities full of pulsating life. In history they tried to trump each other with their wealth and so today their names sound like great architecture and spectacular art treasures - Florence, the capital of Tuscany or medieval Siena. In masterful, haunting images, this multi-vision show shows what makes Tuscany so unique.

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