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A crossover-concert with over 200 performers big symphony orchestra, choir, band and soloists

A huge body of sound with more than 200 members! A substantial symphony orchestra with many additional sections, along with a rock band and a large mixed chorus: together with great soloists - rock/pop/jazz/opera singers - these make up an ensemble that is unique in Germany. 

Listen to spectacular pieces - arranged for the occasion‘s scale by founder and Conductor Wolfgang Roese himself.

Classic numbers by names such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen and others are transformed into symphonic tone poems in which original material by rock legends such as Jim Morrison, Freddy Mercury, Eric Clapton and others is intertwined with classical idioms. Pink Floyd meets Igor Stravinsky, Gustav Mahler influences Led Zeppelin, the Beatles rub shoulders with Maurice Ravel...

ORSO tries to do more than justice to the idea of a crossover. One moment pure symphonic passages can be heard, while at the next the audience is being propelled towards the finale by the full force of the orchestra and rock band combined. The choir can change gear from rock-anthem style to a dramatic opera chorus that transcends the orchestral accompaniment. While towards the end of the number, you are just as likely to hear its metamorphosis into a gospel choir where the singers‘ voices blend into the rhythms of the orchestra and band.

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