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This worldwide unique Rock'n'Roll Musical is a symbiosis of Mexican wrestling, energetic Rock'n'Roll sound, striptease and comedy. The Trash Wrestling League "G.T.W.A." (Galactic Trash Wrestling Alliance) warriors perform a top-notch performance.

The Rock’n’Roll Wrestling Bash
The Rock’n’Roll Wrestling Bash © Promo

While El Brujo's Gore-Chestra (Bloody Baron Rec.) Sets an incredible sether on stage, savage superhero wrestlers gas in their ring in front of the stage in Lucha Libre style. The special: Battle choreographies are designed months before the tour. Whereupon the band then composes instrumental pieces that fit the choreography and thus acoustically support the dynamics and the visual part of the show.

Das wird rockig!

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The Rock 'n' Roll Wrestling Bash
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