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Junges DT Production

"Pooh! Fie on the flimsy castrate year hundredˮ Two unequal siblings. Child one, attractive and favored by the father, enjoys the liberties and debauchery of student life. Child two is sitting at home, ugly, unloved and unsatisfied.

Die Räuber
Die Räuber © Julia Geiser

It wants what the other one has and intrigues against the firstborn. Angry and desperate, he turns his back on the establishment and forms a gang. Joanna Praml explores Schiller's debut work from the perspective of the young players: What does one do for parental love and for freedom and self-development? What disasters can trigger sibling rivalry? What leads to radicalization and when does opposition turn into terror?

(Program in German)

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Additional information
A reworking based on the play by Friedrich Schiller
Director: Joanna Praml
Participating artists
Joanna Praml (Regie)
Inga Timm (Bühne)
Inga Timm (Kostüme)
Johanna Katharina Leitner (Kostüme)
Hajo Wiesemann (Musik)
Maura Meyer (Dramaturgie)
Dorle Trachternach (Dramaturgie)
Luna Jordan
Carl Jung
Franz Jährling
Helen Fröhlich
Helena Golderer
Leni von der Waydbrink
Marie Eick-Kerssenbrock
Leo Domogalski
Can Arduc
Jona Gaensslen
Rana Tuzlali
Laurids Schürmann
Oskar von Schönfels
Friedrich von Schönfels
Rio Reisener
Deutsches Theater Berlin - Kammerspiele