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by Dekker / Middleton / Bieri

In 1610 Thomas Dekker and Thomas Middleton erected a dramatic monument to her. In the first translation by Martin Bieri, the historical piece "Roaring Girl" becomes "Roaring", a polyphonic monologue about gender, identity, desire and resistance, which the main character furiously reappropriates 400 years after her wildly glamorous first appearance

The rough comedy about anti-hero Mary Frith raises current questions about the relationship between the sexes, about love and economy, about language as a poison. What at first glance looks like a story of mistaken identity and marriage leads deep into a dark room of subliminal desire. The comedy is bitter. People are missing something, they cannot satisfy their lust. Bodies consume them like commodities, of which there are always more to buy.

"Roaring", a piece about theatre, about social performance and self-expression, is a discovery.

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