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The members of the National Assembly agreed on a constitution for a German nation state without Austria in Frankfurt's Paulskirche. At the top was the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV as Emperor of the Germans. However, he refused the crown from the hands of the parliamentarians.

Had he assumed, would the revolution have succeeded? Would the revolution's goals of political participation and fundamental rights have been fulfilled?

Roads not Taken on...

Series of discussions with the exhibition team and changing guests

  • What other courses of history were planned but did not happen?
  • What opportunities were missed and what catastrophes averted?
  • What role did individual decisions play - and what role did chance play?

Over the course of 2024, the exhibition team and changing guests will discuss these and other questions, explore the untaken paths of seven selected historical dates and realize: Everything could possibly have turned out completely differently. Or?

with Hedwig Richter and Sabine Freitag; Moderation: Lili Reyels
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