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Guided tour of the project area

In 2021, the waterways around the Spree Island, including the bridges, locks and embankments, were placed under a preservation order. Within this area is also the project area of Fluss Bad Berlin, an urban development project funded by the federal and state governments, which is intended to make the Spree Canal usable and swimmable as a public space. For this purpose, the Spree Canal and some of its banks have already been designated as an urban redevelopment area by the Berlin Senate in 2019.

During a discursive walk, parts of the large-scale urban area under protection will be explored, points of contact with the Fluss Bad berlin project will be identified, and strategies for reconciling historic preservation concerns, sustainable urban development, and future viability will be discussed.

There will be audio and visual documentation of the event, followed by a podcast for re-listening.

  • Meeting point: 11 a.m., southern Monbijou Bridge (Bode Museum)
  • Duration: about 90 minutes
  • Places are limited!
  • Registration via mail: