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CTM Festival 2024: Theory

The Research Networking Day (RND) is an exchange platform for graduate or postgraduate students – as well as independent artists conducting self-guided research – traversing the fields of music, sound, arts, media, design, and related theoretical disciplines.

RND 2024 will assemble nine students, scholars, and artists/researchers from a variety of fields of study and approaches who will present research touching on CTM's Sustain festival theme.The selected candidates will give short presentations (10 min.) within different thematic modules, with discussions after each presentation and at the end of each session. Presentations will be in English.
Additional information
This RND edition takes place in collaboration with the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), the Institute Art Gender Nature at the Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW, the C:POP. Transdisciplinary Research Center for Popular Music Cultures and Creative Economies of the Paderborn University, and the Berlin-based network and project space Trust.

An event by CTM festival.

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From 26 January – 4 February 2024, CTM Festival will celebrate a silver 25 year anniversary at Radialsystem, Berghain, silent green, and other Berlin venues.

CTM 2024 is titled "Sustain" – a weird and fascinating word that touches opposite polarities of the contemporary experience as it speaks of the empathy and determination through which we survive, as well as of our anxieties, losses, and pains. In the word "sustain" we sense both what we are going through while hearing what needs to be done. It is as much a description as it is an imperative as it is a vocation towards more interdependent ways of life. With its 2024 edition CTM Festival asks what if "sustain" were a sound? What would it be like? Music is not only a refuge, but also a constant reminder of our desire to get closer to the brighter end of the spectrum. Looking at musical life and music ecosystems under the perspective of "sustain", what ideals, ethics, and practices can we identify and discuss to make music a means to work towards something more sane, just, and sustainable?

→ To the complete programme of CTM Festival 2024 at Radialsystem
Participating artists
Aadita Chaudhury, Ada Ada Ada, Aline Zara, Jaka Škapin, Julianne Chua, Maria Giaever Lopez (withdrew), Mariana Dias, Matthias Jung, Ragnhild May (Kurzvorträge)
Anita Jóri, Christoph Jacke, Jovana Maksić, Stas Shärifulla (Kuratiert von)