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This creative evening in the library and the associated roof garden is about the term "longing". By looking up into the infinity of the sky and looking down into the depths of everyday life, the participants approach the diverse perspectives of this dazzling concept.

Longing is something that occupies and guides everyone in many different ways. Our longings are about ideals, projections, dream worlds, ideals. They describe desires and longings for people, animals, places, for things, for states, also for times, past or future. Longing is always associated with not getting what you want.

All participants are invited to put their own thoughts on paper, in playful reference to the architectural elements of the place, inside and outside, in exchange with the other participants, guided by Antonia Isabelle Weisz, who always inspires in the evening Read texts by well-known writers.

  • Hints:
  • No writing skills are required.
  • For good planning, binding registrations are desired by email or by phone on 030 54704142
  • Date: Friday, October 27, 2023
  • Location: Mark Twain District Central Library
  • Time: 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m
  • Information: Renate Zimmermann Tel: (030) 54704156

Please bring: your favorite pen, food for yourself and others, snacks and other delicacies, your favorite drink.

Tea and water are provided.

This event is part of the theme of the year: “Longing is…”
Write in the book of longing! Entry HERE.

What are you longing for? After silence, peace, nature, sun, vacation or maybe just after an exciting book? Do you have unfulfilled longings in your heart? Would you like to share these or others with us?

All submissions and the texts created that evening will be published in a book at the end of 2023 (anonymously, of course).