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Reading and discussion with Alice Horáčková and Veronika Jonášová

In his touching literary debut "Kathy" (2014), Jan Štifter takes up the fate of his grandmother. The story revolves around Kathy, a young Czech who has been married to a German since the 1930s. The end of the Second World War confronts her with important decisions: she must choose what really matters to her - her marriage, her nationality, her honor or her homeland.

In this life story, condensed in the form of a novella, fundamental questions are raised and the reader is encouraged to put themselves in the role of the protagonist and to find the answers that are right for them. The concise and almost minimalist style of the book is reminiscent to the many years of journalistic activity of the author. The novella is reminiscent of a captivating report that captivates the reader from the first to the last page.
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