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In summer 22 Rare Americans had toured Germany for the first time and celebrated fantastic shows. The Canadians from Vancouver with their cool melodies, diverse musical direction and innovative storytelling showed everyone with their album "You're Not A Bad Person, It's Just A Bad World" where the hammer hangs. In December 22, the EP "The Songs That Don't Belong" wowed with six tracks that had never made it onto a record. Because they just don't quite want to belong, but the guys still think they're so great that they're dying to release them.

Rare Americans
Rare Americans David Astorga Bocos

This again is typical for Rare Americans, because they are independent and free and do what they feel like. In this whole attitude is the punk of the Canadian band. In spring Rare Americans will come to Berlin again with some new and old songs. It's going to be a big party!

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