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The concert spectacle

After 10 years, Rainald Grebe returns to the Waldbühne Berlin on 29 July 2023. With a show, just for one evening! Which does not go on tour. Just this one time at the Waldbühne. A unique waste - with 300 or 400 participants - on, in front of and behind the stage. A gigantic party with bouncy castle, crocodile holograms and oxygen tent. Grebe's round birthday as an occasion to play with his biography.

Rainald Grebe - Halleluja Berlin
Rainald Grebe - Halleluja Berlin Jim Rakete

Kurt Krömer and Thomas Quasthoff, among others, are expected at the big Rainald Grebe Circus at the Waldbühne 2023. A 20-member orchestra under the direction of composer and songwriter Mark Scheibe will provide the festive sound. Then a punk brass band, or simply guitar and bass drums. Or solo. And a lot of singing along for all who are familiar with the Grebe song lyrics. As always, Grebe is in a state of flux when it comes to the programme and its guests - many ideas that only become more condensed in the reach of the event to create a unique evening.

And then? That's what it's all about: To create something lasting together. Past the bark beetle: a forest in Brandenburg! For every ticket purchased for the concert spectacle, 1 € is already donated to a tree project initiated by Grebe to turn an old pine forest into a mixed forest.

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