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Trickster Orchestra

The Trickster Orchestra honours the musical history as well as modern and contemporary poetry of Iraq with its requiem "rain... rain... rain...". The Trickster Orchestra's world premiere will feature film works by Sarah Munaf entitled "Journey Inside a City" (2022) and Bassim al-Shaker entitled "Barbershop" (2022). Texts by Badr Shakir al-Sayyab (1926-64), Anwar Shaul (1904-84) and Sinan Antoon (*1967) will also be used.

The question of how people can preserve the memory of lives lost while preparing for future grief is central.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, the Trickster Orchestra creates a space for mourning and lamentation with the premiere of its requiem "rain... rain... rain...".

Before the concert, the short films "Journey Inside a City" by Sarah Munaf (*1986) and "Barbershop" by Bassim al-Shaker (*1986) will be shown, which deal with the living conditions in Iraq, artistic creation, experiences of displacement, Diaspora and fragmented community.

"rain... rain... rain..." invites us to reflect on the painful history of the early 21st century and its possible future prospects. Given the current global political situation and the cruel wars in Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere, this approach seems urgently necessary.

As the orchestra members move freely in the domed hall and the video artist Roman Hagenbrock animates the poetry in the space, the work reflects the placelessness of communities that are constantly in the process of dissolving. “rain… rain… rain…” opens an emotional and collective space of mourning and reflection on the passage of time, the ongoing echo of war for the people of Iraq and subsequent tragedies that shape our global present.

Before the concert, the orchestra will show the short films “Journey Inside a City” by Sarah Munaf (*1986) and “Barbershop” by Bassim al-Shaker (*1986), which deal with the living and artistic conditions in Iraq and experiences of displacement , diaspora and fragmented community. Haytham Bahoora (Professor of Modern Arabic Literature at the University of Toronto) introduces the concert and the libretto.

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