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First panel discussion as part of MUSEUM in DIALOG

Integral part of the exhibition concept of “BURIED MEMORIES. About dealing with remembering. The Genocide of the Ovaherero and Nama” is the dialogic format MUSEUM in DIALOGUE; Here, various types of events are being held together with the city society to develop ideas for how the colonial legacy in Neukölln should be dealt with in the future.

The first panel discussion is about: Remembrance culture and monument preservation inventory of the – on closer inspection, complex – memorial ensemble in the cemetery on Columbiadamm.

The panel

Welcome: Karin Korte, District Councilor for Education, Culture and Sport, Neukölln District Office

The art historian and monument conservator Prof. Dr. Gabriele Dolff-Bonekämper set the stage for the discussion.

With the exhibition “Revealed. Berlin and its monuments” says Dr. Urte Evert - the director of the city history museum at the Spandau Citadel - gives a new home to monuments that have been removed from public space.

Israel Kaunatjike was born in Namibia and has lived in Berlin for more than 40 years - as a Herero descendant and activist, he has been committed to dealing appropriately with Germany's colonial legacy since 2004.

Jens Rieser, the head of the Lower Monument Protection Authority, is responsible for communicating monument protection and use in Neukölln.

Dr. Matthias Henkel, head of the Neukölln Museum and the Museum Department | City history | Culture of remembrance and co-curator of the exhibition BURIED MEMORIES.

Admission free (please register at

Film recordings will be made at this event.
These can be published on websites and social media channels in order to provide public information about this event.

MUSEUM in DIALOG is a joint event format of the Museum Department | City history | Culture of remembrance in cooperation with the Neukölln Adult Education Center department.
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