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A city game. Kreuzberg.

Quest for Women* is an outdoor city game in which participants explore the city to solve various puzzles revolving around inspiring women* from Kreuzberg.

The story told here is characterized by conflicts and wars, but also by the life stories of people. Women* are often overlooked and forgotten, and the memorial plaques in Kreuzberg are largely dedicated to men. Women* are underrepresented in urban areas because there are fewer monuments, street and square names dedicated to them.

Actively learning about the neighborhood and the women* who lived and worked here increases awareness of the knowledge about the often forgotten half of history - women* who have often been erased from the record. Researching local history helps overcome forgetting and helps build strong local communities and a sense of belonging. This in turn promotes getting to know each other and reduces prejudices and fears towards “strangers”.

Twelve remarkable women* who lived or worked in Kreuzberg and whose traces can be found in the urban space were selected for this search. Two of them are still alive and are actively involved in the cultural sector in Kreuzberg.
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