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On 26 and 27 August, the queer online stage PINK.LIFE will once again launch the Queer Art and Culture Days at Stadtpark Lichtenberg. The audience can look forward to a whole weekend full of queer Berlin creativity.

On both days the programme starts at 3 pm with performances for the little ones and the whole family and continues until late in the evening with performances of all genres.

In addition to concerts and comedy, the audience can also expect selected market and information stands, food trucks and other highlights at a unique event in one of the most beautiful parks in the capital.

The diverse line-up includes Malonda, Boah Robin!, Suli Puschban, MKSM, Desiree Klaeukens & Juli Gilde, JNNRHNDRXX, Kaey and the TransChorBerlin on the open-air stage.

Admission is free!
Additional information
Sat 26 August 2023, 15 - 22 pm
Sun 27 August 2023, 15 - 20 pm

Stadtpark Lichtenberg (S+U Frankfurter Allee)