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A string quartet – according to the members of Quatuor Ébène – can be compared to a marriage: you need a lot of patience when dealing with each other. Added to this are passion, technical brilliance and expressiveness, which make the ensemble one of the leading string quartets of our time.

Ebony Quartet:
  • Pierre Colombet - Violin
  • Gabriel Le Magadure - Violin
  • Marie Chilemme - Viola
  • Raphaël Merlin - Violoncello

In this programme, Quatuor Ébène takes a tour through the history of the string quartet genre:

from Joseph Haydn’s experimental, sometimes abrasive Quartet op. 20 No. 3 to Robert Schumann’s intimate Quartet in A minor and Béla Bartók’s wistful Sixth String Quartet, composed in 1939 against the backdrop of the approaching World War.

Joseph Haydn
String Quartet in G minor Hob. III:33 op. 20 No. 3

Béla Bartók
String quartet no. 6 Sz 114

Robert Schumann
String Quartet in A minor op. 41 No. 1

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Pierre Colombet
Gabriel Le Magadure
Marie Chilemme
Quatuor Ébène
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