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Production propaganda using the example of the company newspaper 'WF-Sender

Company newspapers were produced in all large companies in the GDR by the SED company party organization (BPO) of a plant. The newspapers of the company party organizations propagated the ideas and goals of the state party Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED).

The factory for television electronics in Schöneweide also published a company newspaper "WF-Sender" from 1949 to 1990, all editions of which have been preserved in the industrial salon except for the 1953 year.

The most important task of a company newspaper was, “By increasing labor productivity and the universal implementation of scientific and technical excellence in the company by reducing the cost price and increasing the quality of the products, the material and technical basis for the victory of socialism in the German Democratic to help create a republic."

The facsimiles in the exhibition are provided with explanatory texts and comments and help to classify and understand what has been read.
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