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Lorenz Nolting and Sofie Boiten, together with a young ensemble, are developing a theater evening that, between reality and fiction, illuminates the topic of porn in the everyday lives of young people.

Sexualized images surround society everywhere. Almost unavoidable and, above all, immediately available, they can be found on millions of porn sites and platforms on the Internet. Some more well-known, some less well-known. 35 percent of Internet traffic has pornographic origins. Their toxic potential and their possible influence on expectations of one's own love life are well known, and their consumption is usually taboo. 

It would still be easy for many adolescents to gain access to this image material - if there were not, fortunately, an “effective barrier” that protects these innocents from the evil images: the age barrier. Thanks to them, everyone under 18 is as clean as freshly fallen snow...

On the DT-Box stage, people with no experience meet who, seized by curiosity, go in search of this omnipresent content: porn.

We are looking for young players who are regularly confronted with porn in everyday life or who have never seen it, who have already failed because of the age barrier or who have circumvented it in a hardened, unabashed, fearless and bold way.


Selection workshop from 3rd to 4th November 2023
Rehearsals from November 20, 2023
Premiere on January 20, 2024 in the box
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